“Padrah is one of the most creative and courageous EdTechy educators I know. She is knowledgeable about all the tools available and tries them all, constantly exploring new things and finding what works. But as a teacher trainer she is focused on quality over quantity — finding your why, 1% improvement, and no tech for the sake of tech, tech to enrich the educational experience for the most important people in education: students.”

- Lorraine

Hi, I’m Padrah Gatewood.

Padrah Gatewood is a middle and high school French teacher who has spent half of her career in public and private schools, as well as teaching university students for five years. She is also an author, an EdTech coach and facilitator, and a Level 1 and 2 Google Certified teacher and Google Certified Trainer. She has a strong passion for helping other teachers make their classrooms engaging and student-centered. Innovation, creativity, and curiosity are driving forces behind her teaching. She approaches teaching with a constant curious creator mindset and hopes to help students reveal their own creativity while learning. Padrah has a passion for culture and traveling, also wanting students to develop an appreciation for others alongside their journey to discover their potential and the impact they could have on our globally connected world.